Hello and welcome!

Hello, my name is Ken Spearpoint and welcome to my blog site.

I qualified as a nurse in 1986 and after working in ICU & CCU, followed by a couple of years of clinical site management, I moved into the resuscitation world and took up my first post as a resuscitation officer in the UK in 1992. I became a nurse consultant in resuscitation in 2004 and led a resuscitation service until my retirement from the NHS in August 2016.

I now work as an academic (Principal Lecturer) in Post Graduate Medicine at the University of Hertfordshire, where I lead the MSc in Medical & Healthcare Simulation. Course details

I also work clinically, as a critical care nurse as part of the match day medical team at Millwall FC.

Hopefully folks will find it interesting and I warmly welcome any opportunities for lively debate.

I will post about those issues that are of the most interest to me, therefore they are most likely to cover ;

  1. Recovery from cardiac arrest – my current area of research
  2. Human factors/ergonomics in medical emergency care – because it is my view that we don’t pay nearly enough attention to human factors science in our education and training.
  3. DNACPR / advanced directives / ethical and legal issues – because this is really important and presents significant challenges in day-to-day practice
  4. Simulation-based medical education – because it is what I do mostly

I will leave the more technically focussed issues to the many excellent, well established web sites out there.


If you wish, you can follow me on Twitter > @K_G_Spearpoint Twitter


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